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Customer Service Training Critical Elements of Customer Service  

This one day workshop is for any employee who deals with the public or who serves those who do deal with the public. Customer service skills can increase your value to your company and advance your career at the same time.

Objectives :  
Clearly identify how you can become for effective in dealing with customers.  
Identify opportunities within the scope of your authority for dealing effectively with others.  
Identify the criteria for fair and responsible response to all customers  
Duration: 1 days  
Workshop topics:  
Course Goals/Personal Goals  
Why Worry About Customer Service?  
Service Beliefs  
Who Are the Customers?  
Meeting Expectations  
Setting Targets and Standards  
Setting Goals  
Telephone Techniques  
Listening Techniques  
Techniques for Handling People  
Dealing with Difficult People  
Steps to Problem-Solving  
Resolving Conflict  
Team Effort  
Stress/Acting Assertively  
The materials that participant will receive include:  
Student work book  
Classroom Exercises and Case study- Decision making and problem solving scenarios (these exercises are in the student workbook)  
Hand outs-  Certificate of achievement  
Recommended reading book list  
Class evaluation  


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